quantitative testing

Annual fit testing is required for any employee that is required to wear a respirator (1/2 mask and full face respirators, SCBA's, etc).

A quantitative fit test measures the adequacy of a respirator's fit by numerically measuring the amount of leakage into the respirator, via an instrument that measures the effect of the respirator seal. This test is suitable for all air purifying or supplying respirators and N, R, and P series filtering facepieces.

Safer and More Reliable Than a Qualitative Fit Test

While both qualitative and quantitative respiratory fit testing plays an important role in occupational health and safety, qualitative fit testing is more subjective.

When safety counts, don't rely on a subjective test, and whether or not a test subject can detect leakage based on being able to detect the smell of an irritant smoke or a bitter taste/sweet taste. With our fast and easy quantitative fit testing, you can have reliable, objective results with the ease of qualitative testing, but the added confidence of quantitative fit testing. Ensure your employees have a proper fit, as part of an effective respiratory protection program.

The Most Accurate Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing Of Its Kind

We use an advanced Fit Testing technology for a controlled negative pressure quantitative test. This technology greatly reduces the fit testing time to less than 5 minutes for the fastest respirator fit test possible. While conducting our quantitative testing, the user simultaneously performs movements and talking exercises designed to mimic actual working conditions, so fit-tested employees can work confidently with normal breathing.

A fit test should be completed annually when a tight-fitting respirator for emergency response activities is required, or whenever significant changes to the facial structure occur. Fit testing for masks other than tight-fitting respirators should be completed every second year.

We can perform on-site testing at your location, or at our facility in Oakville, Ontario. Our quantitative respirator fit testing includes the calculation of the minimum fit factor for full-facepiece respirators and half-face respirators, as part of our mask fit testing.

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