3M SALA PROTECA Inspection Notice
3M SALA PROTECA Inspection Notice 3M™ DBI-SALA® LAD-SAF™ X2 and 3M™ DBI-SALA® LAD-SAF™ X3 Sleeves Inspection notice: Immediate action required 3M Fall Protection (formerly Capital Safety) has identified a limited number of 3M™ DBI-SALA® Lad-Saf X2/X3 sleeves with an assembly error that may cause the locking lever to not work properly. This condition may allow […]
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TEAM-1 Academy offers the new IGNITE PROTON WIND Harness
With back pad wear plate and frontal attachment point. The IGNITE PROTON is the evolution of our popular ARG 51 to a higher level. A safety harness with an elaborate and thought-out design with thermoformed hip padding AIRPAD and sophisticated construction leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and usability. The sternal attachment […]
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How to Stop Dropped Tools at Heights
This article is part of Windpower Engineering & Development’s April 2017 issue. A complete digital version of the issue is here. Dropped objects are neither a recent problem nor exclusive to the...
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Now Offering Quantitative Fit Testing
The most accurate of its kind. Annual fit testing is required for any employee that is required to wear a respirator (1/2 mask and full face respirators, SCBA’s, etc). A quantitative fit test measures...
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