Falling from heights continues to be one of the biggest killers in industrial workplaces. Workers need to receive fall protection training to be able to use proper fall protection equipment. An important aspect of this is the maintenance and inspections needed for fall personal protective equipment to ensure that workers who use this equipment are well protected from falling.

Workers who conduct the formal inspections on fall protection equipment should, and must, know the proper and effective processes of inspecting and documenting personal protection equipment for fall arrest and fall restraint systems. It is extremely important that inspectors be effectively trained for Fall Protection Training before conducting any inspection of equipment.

TEAM-1 offers a fall protection certification course to help companies and individuals work safely at heights. This fall restraint and fall arrest training is offered as an open enrollment course at our classroom training facility, or on-site training is available. Because of the practical application exercises and hands-on knowledge required, this is not offered as an online fall protection training course.

Course Content

The fall protection training course, which typically spans over 4 hours, covers the following topics:

  • Fall Arrest Systems: Comprehensive understanding of fall arrest systems, including equipment, components, and their proper use.
  • Fall Restraint Systems: Knowledge of fall restraint systems and their application in preventing falls.
  • Rescue Planning: Discussion on rescue planning, although separate working from heights rescue courses are recommended for fall rescue personnel.
  • Fall Hazards Awareness: Awareness of common fall hazards in various work environments.
  • Fall Protection Systems: Familiarization with different types of fall protection systems and their functions.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Training on selecting, inspecting, fitting, and connecting PPE for both fall arrest and fall restraint programs.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations: Understanding the relevant regulations and requirements for fall protection and fall arrest systems.
  • Hands-on Activities: Participants engage in practical activities such as inspecting, fitting, and connecting fall protection systems and components.
  • Certification: Successful participants receive physical certificates upon course completion, while electronic copies may be provided for printing purposes.

Please note that an online course option is not available for this training as it requires hands-on demonstrations of practical skills.

Relevant Training Courses

Our courses are tailored to be relevant to the types of work that participants are involved in. Our instructors have experience making content relevant for the following industries and applications: construction projects, forestry, mining, wind turbines, oil and gas, and anywhere else that fall safety training is essential.

TEAM-1's Fall Protection Training: Equipment Competent Inspector Course is designed to introduce standardized practices for equipment inspection by a variety of hands-on exercises. Written and practical tests are administered to ensure the principles presented in this course are understood.



The enclosed price covers the cost of all practical exercises and course materials and is all-inclusive, there are no other fees. 

TEAM-1 Academy Inc. is an independent Professional Rescue and Safety Training & Rescue company. All course participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion and payment in full.

TEAM-1 Academy Inc. only uses highly skilled, current professional emergency responders with years of industry experience and the most advanced equipment available. We offer a wide range of other safety training courses, including an industry-specific (winds) fall protection training course, confined space training, and much more.




How Long Does Fall Protection Training Take?

The duration of fall protection training can vary depending on the specific course and training provider. Typically, a comprehensive fall protection training course can range from half a day to two full days. The duration may also depend on the level of training, whether it is a basic awareness course or a more advanced certification program.

What Are the Fall Protection Requirements in Canada?

In Canada, fall protection requirements are outlined in various federal and provincial regulations, such as the Canada Labour Code and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. The requirements may vary slightly between jurisdictions, but generally emphasize the use of fall protection systems, proper equipment, training, and hazard assessments to ensure worker safety.

What Are the Different Types of Fall Protection Training?

There are different types of fall protection training available, depending on the specific needs and requirements. Some common types include basic fall protection awareness training, fall arrest system training, competent person training, and specialized training for specific industries or work environments. These courses cover topics such as risk assessment, equipment selection and inspection, proper use of fall protection systems, and emergency procedures.

Does Fall Protection Expire?

While fall protection training itself does not expire, it is important to note that regulations and best practices can change over time. It is recommended to regularly refresh and update your fall protection knowledge and skills. Some organizations may have specific guidelines or policies that require periodic retraining to ensure workers stay up to date with the latest safety standards and procedures.


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