TEAM-1 Academy Inc. is a Health & Safety Leader for the last 20 years, providing our services to Renewable Energy, Fortune 500 companies, Industry, Construction, Health Care, Utilities, Fire Services, Police, EMS, Military, Government and numerous others.

TEAM-1 Academy Inc. has extensive experience in Confined Space Entry & Rescue, Rescue Planning, Spill Response/Hazmat, Fall Protection, Working at Heights, Rescue from Heights, Hazard Analysis and more. We have been actively involved in this industry for the last 20 years, we “actually do it”.  We don’t just preach it, we live and breathe it – we do it! Our extensive background allows us to help you to plan correctly!

TEAM-1 Academy Inc. Consultants specialize in Identification, Reviews, & Assessments for …

  • Confined Space, High Angle, Rescue from Heights & Working at Heights – programs, policies, permits, procedure development, assessments, rescue planning, equipment options, training needs, PPE options, hazard analysis, planning

  • Spill Response/Hazmat – programs, policies, procedure development, assessments, planning, equipment options, spill kit options, training needs, PPE options, hazard analysis

  • Fall Protection/Working at Heights – programs, policies, procedure development, assessment, equipment options, training needs, planning, PPE options, hazard analysis

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