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Confined Space Work Training at TEAM-1 Academy

The Confined Space Training safety course from TEAM-1 Academy is a Health and Safety Act training program that teaches overall confined space training and confined space awareness for supervisors and workers who may work near or enter confined spaces or a partially enclosed space. 

Working in confined spaces can be an everyday function in many workplaces but are very dangerous unless proper procedures are followed. As part of your organization's occupational health and safety training, employers must properly identify potential hazards and ensure that proper safety training, entry/exit plan, and on-site rescue procedures are in place.

What Are Confined Space Hazards?

Confined space means an enclosed or partially enclosed area that is big enough for a worker to enter, but is not meant for continuous human occupancy. 

Entry into confined spaces can be very dangerous and requires that employees have adequate training, equipment, and an entry permit system set in place. It is vital to recognize confined spaces and confined space areas in any working environment in order to ensure that everyone is able to safely enter and exit if needed. 

Even the most experienced workers can risk injury or death if they do not know they were entering a confined space with a hazardous atmosphere and therefore did not take the necessary precautions. 

Knowing how to safely perform entrances and exits, having the right-hand protection available, and creating a relevant plan to perform work around these spaces can help you create safe working environments for all employees.

Confined Space Entry Worker Training

Confined Space Entry Training will provide a confined space worker with hands-on training and will cover the necessary confined spaces regulation necessary to conduct confined space entries (Entrant, Attendant, and Non-Entry Rescue) safely and efficiently while following safety training requirements. Our confined space program includes:


  • Legislative Requirements
  • Recognition of Confined Spaces
  • Ventilation
  • Proper gas detection equipment and methods
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazard Recognition and Control Measures 
  • Atmospheric Hazards and Testing
  • Rescue equipment and basic techniques
  • Lock-out/Tag-out review
  • Confined Space Permits
  • Equipment selection, care, and maintenance
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Vertical Entry and/or Horizontal Entry

TEAM-1 Academy

We are a training provider that specializes in workplace safety for everyone. Our other general training programs are developed with both legal requirements and health measures set in place to ensure everyone stays safe at work.

All course participants will receive a certificate. All course participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of a final exam.

This course and our Confined Space Rescue program are available in an Open Enrollment format, on-site or at our location.

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Our training services and instructors are second to none!
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