Professional Safety & Rescue Training Courses

Common course durations are 4, 8, 16, 24 or 40 hours in length, ask a TEAM-1 Academy Inc. representative for details regarding any specific Safety Training courses you may have in mind. In bold below are our most common courses.

The courses marked with the asterisk (*) are Director approved for CEU’s (applicable to Water & Waste-water Operators).

  • Advanced Rescue Training
  • Air Monitoring Training
  • Ammonia Awareness Training
  • Ammonia Specialist Training
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training
  • Chemical Specific Training (HF, NH3, Cl2, Asbestos and much more)
  • Chlorine “A” Safety Training (100-150 lb. cylinders)*
  • Chlorine “B” Safety Training (1-ton cylinders)*
  • Chlorine “C” Safety Training (Rail Car/Tank Truck)
  • Chlorine Safety Training
  • Climb Safety Training
  • Climb Rescue Training
  • Code Brown Training
  • Communication Tower Safety & Rescue Training
  • Confined Space Advanced Rescue Training (Entry & Non-Entry)
  • Confined Space Awareness Training
  • Confined Space Entry Training (includes Entrant, Attendant, Air Monitoring, Permit Issuer, Non-Entry Rescue)*
  • Confined Space Entry Refresher Training*
  • Confined Space Rescue Training (Entry & Non-Entry)*
  • Confined Space Rescue Refresher Training
  • Confined Space Technician Training
  • Confined Space for Supervisors/Managers Training
  • Evacuation from Heights Training
  • Fall Protection Training (Fall Arrest, Travel Restraint, etc.) now called WAH (Working at Heights)
  • Fire Extinguisher – Live Fire Training*
  • Fire Brigade Member – NFPA 600 & 1081 Training
  • Fire Team Training
  • Fire Site Specific Training
  • First Aid – First Aid/CPR/AED Training (Red Cross)
  • Gas Detection Training
  • GWO Fire Awareness Training
  • GWO First Aid/CPR/AED Training
  • GWO Manual Handling Training
  • GWO Working at Heights Training
  • GWO Working at Heights Refresher Training
  • HazMat Training (see below)
  • HAZWOPER Training
  • High Angle Rescue Training
  • Incident Command System (ICS) Training
  • Ladder Climb Safety Training
  • Magnesium Safety Training
  • CPO approved Working at Heights (WAH) Training*
  • NFPA 472 – Hazardous Materials Awareness Level Training
  • NFPA 472 – Hazardous Materials Operations Level Training
  • NFPA 472 – Hazardous Materials Technician Level Training
  • NFPA 600 – Industrial Fire Brigade Member Training (Advanced Exterior Level, etc.)
  • NFPA 1081 – Industrial Fire Brigade Member Training
  • Red Cross – see First Aid
  • Regulation 347 Waste Manifesting
  • Rescue from Heights Training
  • Respirator Training
    (APR, SCBA, SABA/Air Line)*
  • Rope Rescue Training
  • Rope Rescue Technician Training
  • SABA/Air Line Training
    (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus)
  • SCBA Training
    (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)*
  • Shore Based Water Rescue Training
  • Solar Tower Safety & Rescue Training
  • Solar Tower Working at Heights Training
  • Spill Response Training (Industrial, Basic, Advanced, Awareness, Operations, Technician)*
  • Standard First Aid/CPR/AED Training (Red Cross)
  • Technical Rope Rescue Training (Awareness, Operations & Technician)
  • TDG Training (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)*
  • TDG & Reg. 347 Waste Manifesting Training
  • Tower Safety & Rescue Training
  • Water Rescue Training (Shore Based)
  • Water Tower Ladder Climb Safety Training (Safety & Rescue)*
  • Water Tower Ladder Climb Safety Refresher Training*
  • WHMIS Training (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)*
  • Wind specific Advanced Rescue Training (Blade, Hub)
  • Wind specific Basic Safety, Evac and Rescue Training (Climb, Harness, Evacuation, Rescue)
  • Wind specific Basement Rescue Training
  • Wind specific Confined Space Entry & Rescue Training
  • Wind specific Fire Awareness Training
  • Wind specific First Aid/CPR/AED Training
  • Wind specific Hub Rescue Training
  • Wind specific Manual Handling training
  • Wind specific RollGliss Training
  • Wind Specific Working at Heights Training
  • Wind specific Working at Heights Refresher Training
  • Working at Heights Training (formerly Fall Protection/Rescue from Heights)*
  • Working at Heights Training CPO approved*
If you have any questions about training information or would more information on custom courses contact us today!
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