Communication Tower Climb Safety/Rescue

Modern steel truss towers and masts used for communications, high voltage power lines and a host of other tasks present significant issues to the worker who must ascend them and, in the event of a mishap, rescue or be rescued from them.

Our tower training is contextualized to the student’s place of work and job focus. The main aim of the program is to be as relevant to the student’s tower climbing requirements as possible, with systems and protocols that are specific to their everyday situation.

  • Methods of accessing the work position
  • Using double hook lanyards
  • Using fixed ropes and/or fixed ladders (on communications towers)
  • Work positioning methods
  • Controlled Descent techniques
  • Rescue techniques

Training is designed to be realistic and customised to suit your particular work situation (e.g. communications towers and energy transmission towers). This course is suitable for anyone who has the requirement to access towers within their work.

Prerequisite: None

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