Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit Options

We offer three emergency kits. Each includes a Chlorine Institute recovery vessel for a Chlorine Institute cylinder and liquid chlorine pump, and tools to contain leaks. Chlorine Institute Emergency Kits and the Chlorine Institute cylinder recovery vessel are regularly reevaluated. Each comes in a durable polyethylene kit box. US DOT regulations allow transportation of a chlorine cylinder with Emergency Kits A and B under 49CFR173.3(e)

Emergency Kit A

This is compliant with standard DOT 3A480 and 3AA480 100- and 150-pound capacity cylinders in chlorine service. Emergency Kit A contains leaks in and around the Chlorine Institute cylinder valve and in the side wall of chlorine cylinders. The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit A is the only chlorine emergency kit for chlorine cylinders manufactured to Chlorine Institute design specifications. It includes a clamp to seal leaks around a cylinder valve fusible plug.

Emergency Kit B

This is for use with DOT 106A500X Chlorine Ton Container. Emergency Kit B contains leaks around ton container valves and side walls of ton containers. The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit B is the only ton-container chlorine emergency kit manufactured to Chlorine Institute design specifications.

Emergency Kit C

This is used with DOT MC331 Chlorine Cargo Tank, DOT 51 Portable Tank in Chlorine Service, and DOT 105J500W Chlorine Tank Car. Emergency Kit C will contain leaks in and around angle valves and the pressure relief device. The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit C is the only chlorine emergency kit designed for chlorine tank cars and trucks manufactured to Chlorine Institute design specifications.
A Chlorine Institute Recovery Vessel can contain a leaking cylinder; however, a Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit is the only US DOT-approved capping device to use on a transported, leaking chlorine cylinder.

For Equipment Sales, Service & Inspection contact Zooey Laberto. We can guide you on the specifications of the chlorine emergency kits and durable polyethylene toolbox.

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