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Understand the importance of training regulations and your workplace's internal responsibility system and safety committees to ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

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TEAM-1 Academy Inc. has been an industry leader for the last 20 years, providing our services to Renewable Energy, Fortune 500 companies, Industry Construction, Health Care, Utilities, Fire Services, Police, EMS, Military, Government, and numerous others. We are a team of Canadian registered safety professionals with a mission to provide information and training courses around safety awareness, workplace health, common hazards, and occupational health and safety.

Our team of qualified health and safety representatives focuses on skills development and health and safety awareness in order to provide Canadian workers and employers with the information they need to create a safe workplace. We provide online and in-person safety training at your location or ours, and provide certificates when the worker completes the training program. Open-enrollment classes are available if you do not have enough attendees to fill a session.

TEAM-1 Academy Inc. courses emphasize hands-on (practical) training and health and safety awareness training to enhance participants’ understanding and provide techniques to confidently handle safety and emergency situations thus ensuring health protection. Workplace safety is for everyone: employers, supervisors, workers, and even joint health and safety committee members.


We provide safety awareness training in your own environment, at your own pace, and at your own convenience. When you successfully complete a course with us, you will be ready and able to complete your work tasks safely.

We only use highly skilled, current professional emergency responders with years of experience to provide your workplace with health and safety awareness. Real Time, Real People, Real Training!

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Our training services and instructors are second to none! Many of our instructors have been with us for 15+ years. Some training can be successfully completed through an e-learning course with Google Chrome and an internet connection.

We are the original Technical Rescue & Safety Training company. Get trained correctly, the first time, and every time by experienced occupational health and safety instructors!


We have been customizing our training sessions for our customers for the last 20 years. Every course is tailored to suit your training needs, thus ensuring content is relative to location, staff, and local regulations.

When you complete your course with us, you can trust that you have been provided with up-to-date and important safety information for your workplace.


TEAM-1 Academy Inc. provides you with all the up-to-date, most advanced equipment needed to perform each and every job safely, and efficiently, offering great rates and peace of mind knowing that the job will be done correctly and everyone will go home safe!!!



What Should Be Included in Health and Safety Training?

Health and safety training in Canada should cover essential topics such as hazard identification and risk assessment, emergency response procedures, workplace ergonomics, personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, safety legislation, and accident/incident reporting. Additionally, training should address specific hazards related to the industry or workplace. In the USA, health and safety training should encompass similar core elements, but may also include specific regulations mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

What is the Best Health and Safety Qualification in Canada and USA?

The best health and safety qualification in Canada is the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation, awarded by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP). In the USA, one of the highly regarded qualifications is the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) credential, offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). These qualifications demonstrate a high level of knowledge and competence in the field of health and safety.

How Do I Become a Health and Safety Officer in Canada and USA?

To become a health and safety officer in Canada, individuals typically need a combination of education, experience, and certification. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in occupational health and safety or a related field is beneficial. Gaining work experience through internships or entry-level positions is also important. Pursuing certifications such as the CRSP is highly recommended. Similarly, in the USA, aspiring health and safety officers can pursue relevant education, gain experience, and obtain certifications like the CSP.

Is Safety Officer in Demand in Canada and USA?

Safety officers are in demand in both Canada and the USA. With a growing focus on workplace safety and compliance, organizations across various industries prioritize the role of safety officers to ensure the well-being of employees and compliance with regulations. The demand for safety officers is expected to remain strong as businesses strive to create safe working environments and prevent accidents and occupational hazards. This provides promising career opportunities for individuals interested in the health and safety field in both countries.


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TEAM-1 Academy Inc. North America’s leader in rescue and safety training is excited to announce the partnership with Northern Lights College located in British Columbia. In addition to our facilities in central Canada, TEAM-1 Academy will be conducting courses at the world-class Northern Lights College Wind Turbines/Renewables Energy campus. This partnership will give Western Canada easy access […]

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