Working at Heights Certificate (CPO Approved)

If your workers face fall hazards, you’re required to provide them with
Fall-Protection training.

TEAM-1 Academy is the industry benchmark and gold standard when it comes to Fall-Protection training. All of our courses meet and exceed Ministry of Labour Standards and are customized to your location. Over 1,000 courses were taught last year to Government Agencies, Fire Departments, and Fortune 500 companies. With 98% customer retention, you know you won’t be disappointed. Course content is delivered in an easy to understand manner and promotes “clip & go” systems. Also, ask us about our Inspection Services & Rescue Services.

Let the knowledgeable STAFF at Team-1 Academy train your TEAM! TEAM-1 Academy Inc. only uses highly skilled, current professional emergency responders with years of industry experience and the most advanced equipment available.

This course is available in an Open enrollment format. Click here for more info.

For a customized (site specific) quote contact:
Brian Kovalcik – Operations Manager
Phone: 1-844-42-TEAM1 (83261) Ext. 122

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