Fall Protection Equipment Competent Inspector Course – 4 Hours

Falling from Heights continues to be one of the biggest killers in industrial workplaces.  All of these accidents are preventable.  Workers need to know and use proper fall protection equipment.  An important aspect of this is the maintenance and inspections needed for personal fall protection equipment to ensure that workers who use this equipment are well protected from falling.  Workers who conduct the formal inspections on fall protection equipment should, and must, know the proper and effective processes of inspecting and documenting fall protection equipment.  It is extremely important that inspectors be effectively trained before conducting any inspection of equipment.


TEAM-1’s Fall Protection Equipment Competent Inspector Course is designed to introduce standardized practices for fall protection equipment inspection by a variety of hands-on exercises. Written and practical tests are administered to ensure the principles presented in this course are understood.


The enclosed prices cover the cost of all practical exercises and course materials and are all-inclusive.  There are no other fees. TEAM-1 Academy Inc. is an independent Training & Rescue company. All course participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion and payment in full.

4 Hours – Fall Protection Equipment Inspector Training$450.00 per person* maximum 4 attendees
HST applicable


TEAM-1 Academy Inc.
only uses highly skilled, current professional emergency responders with years of industry experience and the most advanced equipment available.

For more information contact Brian Kovalcik:
Phone: 1-844-42-TEAM1 (83261) Ext. 122

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