Emergency Spill Response


  • 1 Day (Customized)

It is a fact that without proper training the danger level for all responders increases. The cost to clean-up environmental spills and the fines and personal liability that may go along with them are ever increasing. This Spill Response course is prepared to include chemicals in use at your facility.  Upon completion of this course your personnel are expected to access and utilize their companies spill clean-ups supplies safely & effectively. Training by TEAM-1 Academy is performed by members who deal with emergency response on an ongoing basis.

Training Components

  • Reporting Requirements
  • Corporate policy review (if made available)
  • Approaching the Incident
  • Leak Control Scenarios
  • Ministry of the Environment Clean-up Standards
  • Chemical Protective Clothing
  • Incident Command System
  • Chemical Information exercises
  • Sorbent Deployment Techniques
  • Equipment selection, care and maintenance
  • Hazardous Materials Handling
  • Decontamination Techniques
  • Storm Sewer protection
  • Direct reading equipment (if applicable)
  • Grounding and bonding (if applicable)
  • SCBA Review – hands-on  (if applicable)
  • Review of your spill kit – hands-on (if made available)
  • Mock drill – hands-on


TEAM-1 Academy Inc. only uses highly skilled, current professional emergency responders with years of industry experience and the most advanced equipment available.

For more information contact Brian Kovalcik:
Phone: 1-844-42-TEAM1 (83261) Ext. 122

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